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 April 19-26th "The BIA Pitch In Community

Clean Up"

May 3rd BIA FREE Comic Book Day


June 21st BIA Lambs Down Park Festival


August 2nd the BIA Bridge Street Bazaar




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The Carleton Place BIA represents small business in the downtown and we are proud of these businesses that contribute to the local economy, provide employment, local produce and products, and contribute to local events.  The downtown businesses are the heartbeat of Carleton Place, keep them alive, shop locally!


Did you know that if half the employed population of Carleton Place spent $50 each month in a small business, that the purchases made could generate revenue of 3 million dollars?  Imagine the positive change that will occur if our community did that.


Spend $100 in an independent business and 2/3 of that will return to the community through taxes and other expenditures.  Spending through a national chain less than ½ of those dollars remain in your community.  Spend your hard earned dollars online and nothing comes back to the community!


FREE Parking in Downtown Carleton Place

The Town of Carleton Place offers free municipal, street and retail establishment parking in the downtown.



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History meets innovation with the development of the NEW Downtown Heritage Scan Tour.



Take a walk downtown with your smartphone and view the historic sites. Using a QR code app on any smartphone - scan the code and view historic pictures and information on 14 locations.


On your walking tour stop in a local restaurant for lunch and do some shopping. There is lots to see and do in downtown Carleton Place.


For More information on the tour, click on the link to the left.

Keep your local businesses alive with The 3/50 Project!

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